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Starting out online or launching a concerted effort to gain more organic traffic? With a strategy in hand that plays out over a realistic timeline, Where Beagles Dare!’s suite of SEO copywriting services are designed to complement your goals and make real your hopes of rising in the search engine rankings.

The benefits of SEO copywriting services are well-documented, but the best chance of encouraging relevant traffic is to write with the reader in mind, and not the search engine. Well-written, informative and engaging web copywriting will not only drive visitors to your site but entertain and ultimately convert them into long-term customers.

Hire Where Beagles Dare! as your SEO web copywriter, and not only will you benefit from our nine years of e-commerce retail experience, but the copywriting chops that generated our former business, cycling website Always Riding, over 70% of its daily traffic from organic search engine results alone.

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The Where Beagles Dare!

SEO Copywriting Process


Get in touch, and we can talk through your specific requirements before providing a quote. This initial chat will help us to get to know your sector, business goals and problems.


It’s go time. With everything signed off, we’ll set up a Basecamp to house the project and start crafting your content (we might even whittle).


With the words shepherded into their rightful place, we’ll send everything over for you to review. Need some amends? No problem. If you’re happy, we’ll proffer a virtual hand and shake on a job well done.

Where Beagles Dare! SEO Copywriting Services


Let’s kick things off with a look at where you’re already doing well, and where things could be improved. After orientating ourselves with an overview, we can either work in cooperation with a keyword list of your making or help to find new keywords and opportunities. With your goals firmly in mind, we’ll present an easy to understand plan that will see your store attract the right sort of organic traffic for sustainable growth.

Landing Pages

A website is like an onion – it’s got layers, and sometimes it stinks. Hopefully, your site is sweet-smelling, but back to those layers – they are crucial when creating the conditions for sustainable growth. It’s no good hitting the top of the search engines for one bird-named update to knock you off your perch; that is not the way of survival.

Where Beagles Dare! has long experience building landing pages that link in with complementary pages to elevate keywords and better convert the traffic that does land. Intrigued? Drop us a line.

Article Writing

When done with care and attention, writing long-form content in the form of blogs or articles has the potential to elevate your SEO efforts to new levels. Not only can you corner a keyword in greater detail, but the extended nature of the content affords easy access to long tail keywords that would otherwise be missed or ignored; the fact that they’re fun to write and allow for the possibility of shares on social media is just a bonus.

Where Beagles Dare! has extensive experience writing long-form web content in the form of interviews, brand introductions and how-to guides. Fire over an email to learn more and let’s chat.

Product, Brand & Category Pages

On a website with even a small amount of products, the potential to gain search engine position with laser-targeted copy is evident. Cast in associated category and brand pages, and pretty soon a substantial body of text begins to emerge that stands ready to attract your deserved share of organic traffic.

We’ve lost count of the number of e-commerce pages we must have written in the past few years. Thousands, possibly tens of thousands of products have come to life under our pens, and after several thousand you certainly do hit your stride! Follow your nose and contact Where Beagles Dare! to learn more.

Why Hire The Beagles?

E-commerce is all about detail and quality. Take care of the little things, do the best possible work, and your store will be more likely to attract and retain customers. Of course, the same applies to your website content, but from the number of search queries for ‘SEO copywriter tips,’ a lot of people still seem to think there’s a shortcut to the top.

When we were growing our retail business, it was well-written content in coordination with a long-term strategy that won the day – no secrets, tips or world-changing knowledge needed. If you’d like to try a similar approach, we’d love to hear from you.

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