Telling Stories With Creative Magento Web Design

You’ve probably done it yourself – landed on a website only to bounce after a few seconds. Why didn’t you stay and explore? We’re going to go out on a limb and guess that the site’s design was poor. In the world of e-commerce, great design has the power to stop first-time visitors from bouncing, and creating a Magento web design is no different – the one chance you have to turn a browser into a buyer is often your only chance.

If you follow our blogs, you’ll already know that we’re big proponents of flawless design, functionality, images and content as fundamental differentiators in the e-commerce space. When we design Magento sites, we always bear in mind the overall perspective: how to place images to their best advantage, how things will interact, and where the content will come in. Even if we’re just working within the confines of a single page, keeping an eye on the top line is essential if the final design is to be harmonious and cohesive.

Nowadays, a device-responsive Magento website design should be the default, not a bullet point in a feature list. But what a lot of people ignore is the design time an experienced Magento designer spends on under-the-hood, but still customer-facing parts of the Magento website – think transactional emails, static pages, the product review interface, contact forms and consideration for live chat positioning. The takeaway? When it comes to creating a Magento e-commerce design that will provide the best possible return on your investment, everything matters.

We love to chat design, Magento and probably a few too many random things to be healthy. Drop us a line and let’s take it from there.

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The Where Beagles Dare!

Magento Website Design Process


Get in touch, and we can talk through your specific requirements before providing a quote. This initial chat will help us to get to know your sector, business goals and problems.


It’s go time. With everything signed off, we’ll set up a Basecamp to house the project and start work on your new Magento site. Relax in the knowledge that our communication skills are only bettered by our tea-making chops.


With the design getting into shape, we’ll send it over for review using Invision (an excellent tool that will feel like you’re trialling a live site, not just a mockup). Need some amends to the direction? No problem. If you’re happy, we’ll push on and work up the rest of the pages for the next phase. Rinse, repeat, and after a pre-approved timescale, your design will be ready.

Where Beagles Dare! Magento Web Design Services

Website Design

A complete Magento web design with all the trimmings. We’ll gather a heap of direction and detail about your industry, challenges and goals before we put pen to digital paper. Expect flawless, industry-leading design and the best possible return on investment.


Not happy with your existing design and looking for some new ideas? We’d be glad to present some options once we’ve talked through your goals and current business arc. Don’t forget, we’re a full-service company, with top 3% Magento developers on hand to implement your new designs should you require them.

Landing Pages

Pre-selling to customers before they land on the product page is an essential process for experienced e-commerce stores, and for that, you need creative, well-ordered landing pages. While we’d always prefer to design with an eye to the overall site, if you need help working up a suite of conversion-boosting pages, then don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Email Design

Every few weeks, some wise guy declares the death of email. The person in question usually works for a social media company, whose current pronouncement about the demise of email centres around a ‘new, exciting and app-like’ replacement they’ve just copied from a rival.

Here’s the news: email has the best ROI of any channel, fact. Thus, spending time designing your store’s transactional and newsletter emails is time well spent. Just like landing pages, ideally we wouldn’t work in isolation on your emails, but as part of a broader design project. However, each case is different, so throw a paper aeroplane our way and let’s see if we can throw it back.

E-commerce Magento Development Agency

A stellar Magento design only comes to life in the hands of talented and experienced Magento developers and at Where Beagles Dare!, we can both design & build your site, taking an idea from initial chat to the first sale.

Why Hire the Beagles?

With over nine years of Magento-run retail experience in a fiercely competitive market, Where Beagles Dare! is uniquely positioned to know what you need from a Magento e-commerce design partner. Let’s just say that crafting beautiful design with an eye to your businesses overall hopes and goals is in our DNA.

If you’re searching for a Magento website design company that can understand and offer creative, objective-driven solutions to your problems, then Where Beagles Dare! might just be your guy.

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