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E-commerce email marketing beats any other channel for return on investment. It was true ten years ago, and it’s still true today. If they’ve signed up for your list, people engage with email. But inbox success only comes when you stop selling products and start selling stories.

What a product does is irrelevant. What it enables you to do is everything. If you understand the difference, everything in your email marketing changes. A newsletter becomes an opportunity to engage your audience with content they care about. Sure, there are products, but they’re part of the story, not the central focus. If you’d like to talk about how a story-led approach can transform your business, drop us a line.

E-commerce email marketing services from Where Beagles Dare! are available as a monthly subscription package. With a typical cadence starting at one email per week, as well as the ongoing work to create lifecycle campaigns, a rolling monthly subscription helps us to better communicate your brand, and tell deeper stories. Contact us for details on our packages.

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Whether you’re already email marketing or looking to get started, taking the time to think about the goals, tone and cadence of your email programme will go a long way towards making your campaigns a success.

As part of our email marketing services, we can help you to develop a clear strategy and create a solid foundation for your email programme.


Successful e-commerce email marketing starts with a rich list of contacts, properly subscribed and synced back and forth from your store to your email platform of choice. Segmentation is the process of putting contacts into certain categories of spend, of behaviour, of engagement. When done well, segmentation intersects with strategy, directing the right content to the right contact at the right time.

Whether you’re looking to increase revenue from VIPs, or reactivate old contacts, segmentation is a powerful tool, and a key service that Where Beagles Dare! offers to all of our email marketing clients.

Lifecycle Email Marketing

How your customers interact with your store over time, and what you send them based on those interactions, is called lifecycle email marketing. Examples include abandoned cart flows, sequences to reactivate, or emails to reward high spenders when a preset threshold is met. Lifecycle emails are tightly connected to a well-segmented email marketing list, run automatically, and generate large revenues when done well.

With deep experience of email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp and Dotdigital, Where Beagles Dare! is the perfect partner to create and monitor your lifecycle email campaigns.


Deliver something different, compelling and informative to your customer’s inbox, and they will reward you with opens, clicks and conversions. How to go about that? Along with emotive imagery, it’s all about great copy.

Email is only as powerful as the words you write. With insights from your email marketing startegy, Where Beagles Dare! can write your email content throughout the month, season and year, working as a content partner alongside internal teams and other creatives.


Broad-sword emails, delivered weekly to your customer base are what people really mean when they talk about newsletters. With the advent of segmentation, newsletters are not as popular as they used to be, but as a complement to lifecycle email campaigns, they form an essential part of e-commerce email marketing.

The reality is, you won’t catch everybody with lifecycle emails. If you don’t send newsletters, many of your contacts might not hear from you for weeks. Worse, a lack of interaction will ensure they never enter key email marketing segments and start to receive communications based on their individual interaction with your site.

Newsletters are a key component of email marketing because they consistently perform at an extremely high level. For revenue and brand awareness, there is no better method of reaching and talking to your customers.

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With deep direct-to-consumer retail experience, we’re uniquely positioned to know what you need from an e-commerce email marketing partner. Email marketing is in our DNA.  It’s why our clients consistently benefit from best-in-class open rates, click-throughs and customer retention.

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