E-commerce Copywriting

E-commerce copywriting is the lifeblood of an online store. Even in the age of Instagram, brand ambassadors and voice-activated home shopping assistants, the only sure-fire way to sustainably grow sales is to encourage and convert organic visitors through exceptional copy.

From product description to the privacy page, taking care of business in the world of e-commerce means doubling-down on the details, which is precisely where e-commerce copywriting comes in.

Hire Where Beagles Dare! as your e-commerce copywriting partner, and you’ll not only have our writing skills at your service but 10 years of e-commerce experience generating more than 70% of website visits through organic sources alone.

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The Where Beagles Dare!

Copywriting Process


Get in touch with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote within 24 hours.


It’s go time. With only the chirping of calming birds as our soundtrack, we’ll work on a first draft.


With feedback in hand, we’ll resharpen our pencils and provide up to three revisions before delivering your copy.

Where Beagles Dare! e-commerce copywriting services

Tone of Voice

How things read and how your brand imparts its values and story to your visitors is the essence of e-commerce. We can help to craft tone of voice, or reassess an existing site and offer practical tips, advice and rewrites.

Product Descriptions

Product pages are always the most-visited page on an e-commerce website, and just like on opening night, you’ve got to make every word count. We have years of experience writing clear, benefit-focused copy that perfectly balances details with desire; which means fewer questions for your customer service team to answer, a stronger brand voice and a better chance of landing a sale.

Static Pages - Delivery, Terms, Privacy

Hands up if you’ve already searched online to see if there’s a template for terms pages? Ok, you’re not the only one. But remember, retail is detail, and writing the socks off these ‘overlooked’ pages will pay dividends reinforcing your brand story, authenticity and tone.

Email Marketing Copy

As the largest driver of ROI in the e-commerce industry (often quoted, bears repeating), email marketing done right will be the making of your store. Deliver something different, compelling and informative to your customer’s inbox, and they will reward you with opens, clicks and conversions. How to go about that? Along with emotive imagery, it’s all about great copy.

Brand & Category Pages

When we were rocking it in the cycling-space, one of the ways we topped the search rankings was to write detailed brand and category text. If you sell brands, or have categories and are serious about making marked improvements in search engine rankings and authenticity, we’d strongly suggest mirroring our approach. There’s a lot more to this, so drop us a line.

Landing Pages

Place a well-crafted, SEO’d landing page, linked and in front of a listing page, and watch what happens. First, visits, then sales – a lot of them. If we had to choose a top tip, this might be it. Contact us to learn more.

Banner Ads, Calls to Action & Straplines

The little words, they can be the tough ones. If you spend too long racking your brain for creative, click-driving phrases, let Where Beagles Dare! take a shot. From a single campaign to rolling changes, we can tailor packages to suit.

Why hire us?

With over nine years of retail experience in a fiercely competitive market, Where Beagles Dare! is uniquely positioned to know what you need from an e-commerce copywriting service. Writing is in our DNA; it’s the reason we generated over 70% of our daily visits from organic sources and captured the market for our products.

With the competitive advantage clear, you too can benefit from lower ad spend, authenticity uplift, and the confidence that comes from knowing that whatever the search engines decide to change, your e-commerce business stands on solid ground.

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