Looking for e-commerce help, but don’t know where to turn? Where Beagles Dare! is a digital agency for small to medium independent retailers and brands that need help taking their e-commerce presence to a new level. We offer e-commerce consultancy, design & development services, alongside conversion-driven copywriting and creative content services to get you where you need to go.

E-commerce Site Builds & Consultancy

Lean on our experience

After nine years spent navigating e-commerce challenges, features, false hopes and failures while growing popular cycling website Always Riding (luckily, we succeeded more than we failed!), we learned what works, what doesn’t and where to focus best efforts for the highest return on investment.

Take advantage of our experience when building, upgrading, re-assessing or expanding your e-commerce operations, and while we can’t promise immediate success, we can give you the best chance at creating the conditions for long-term revenue & growth.


From keyword to copy delivered

You can’t go two clicks online these days without somebody making you feel terrible for not being a Content King. But as long as you understand that building a culture of telling stories and crafting content to entertain and inform your customers is no longer a nice to have, but essential to the very fabric of your business, then you're on the right track.

After planning & implementing a long-term content strategy, your goals should include radically tilting a customer's perception of your store as a purely commercial destination, towards being a publisher of entertaining, editorially-driven content. Get this right, and you will lower advertising spend, gain better and genuine backlinks, and wrap your brand in a cloak of desirability.

If you're looking to take things up a notch, then please get in contact. From keyword research to copy delivered, Where Beagles Dare! is ready to help.

E-Commerce Design

Consistent, creative solutions to build long-term success

Getting e-commerce design right sets the tone for your brand's future success. Alongside great content, photography, iconography and copywriting, beautiful e-commerce sites built with intuitive e-commerce design principles stand to generate more business and own their market sector.

The founding idea behind Where Beagles Dare! is that only a quality-first mantra (there might be chanting) will generate long-term revenue for your store. The e-commerce space is too competitive to deliver anything but the best. So whether we're talking the all-important product page, or the minutiae of transactional email design, nothing but consistent, creative e-commerce design will do. And at Where Beagles Dare!, that is precisely what you will receive.


Rich, captivating product images, shoots & layouts

Along with compelling copy, photography helps to set the tone and brand story for your site. To thrive in a noisy retail environment, investing in better-than-your-competitor imagery is essential. Luckily, so many sites still rely on supplier images that there is a great opportunity to make some easy wins here, and with a creative campaign that covers product images, lifestyle and layout shots, your site, email, social and print content will head to another level.

Where Beagles Dare! has great experience shooting layouts, lifestyle sessions and products for some of the world's top brands. If you've decided to invest in what really counts, then we'd love to hear from you.

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