DATE: JULY 6TH, 2018




A Design & SEO Sprint Helps a Children's Urgent Care Clinic in Portland See a Lot More Patients

Where Beagles Dare! recently had the opportunity to help a startup healthcare business struggling with low traffic and a high bounce rate. We prescribed a rapid design refresh and a thorough search engine optimisation programme. Here’s how we got along.

Finding the Market

Dr Corey Fish started Pacific Crest Children’s Urgent Care in October 2017. A paediatrician by training, he saw an opportunity to serve the local community by opening a children’s specific clinic, offering a more appropriate, personalised and pocket-book friendly healthcare choice to young families in the Portland area.

But Dr Fish had neither the expertise nor time to market his promising new business. “When I started my medical practice, I was utterly unprepared for the amount of nuance, finesse, and technical know-how required to market our services in an effective way,” he explained.  “I made the classic mistake of thinking, ‘we’re amazing, of course people are going to come to see us!'”

What Dr Fish needed was SEO assistance and a rapid site re-design, stat!

Being Found

Where Beagles Dare! got to work drafting a thorough keyword analysis. In plain English, that meant finding out what customers were typing when they searched for services like Pacific Crest, and methodically building out the site content to reflect those terms.

Once the list was in, we tasked Dr Fish and his team with writing various pieces of content based on the opportunities we had identified. Of course, we usually handle SEO copywriting ourselves, and while we were happy to finesse and rewrite the team’s words to maximise search results, with a subject this detailed, we had to rely on the expert medical knowledge of the Pacific Crest staff.

Being Fast

Pacific Crest had built a basic Squarespace site, but quickly found conveying their unique selling points, and retaining visitors far from easy.

We stepped in, taking the reins over a mammoth non-stop 12-hour session, redesigning the site on the fly based on our long experience in presenting clear, uncluttered interfaces, and strong, simple messaging. 

And, it worked. In partnership with our SEO efforts, visits were up, time on site rocketed, and bookings via the online scheduler started coming in – Dr Fish was in business. 

"At a time in my practice life where I desperately needed someone to implement a tailored, meaningful, comprehensive strategy of website optimization, copywriting, and search engine optimization (overall brand development, really), Pete from Where Beagles Dare stepped in, took the wheel, and piloted us safely through all the marketing BS. He delivered appropriate content, and implemented a tailored strategy that works for us at a reasonable cost. I cannot recommend Where Beagles Dare! highly enough."


Helping Dr Fish and his team get the search engine visibility they deserved was an incredibly satisfying process. Over the weeks and months since the re-design, and with an SEO programme in full swing, we have seen some spectacular metrics. And better yet, for Pacific Crest Children’s Urgent Care, business is on the up and up. 

increase in search visibility
tracked keywords rank significantly higher

* Data gathered three months after work on SEO began.  Campaign analytics powered by


If you’re looking to take your site content up a notch, develop a consistent tone of voice, or perhaps lay the foundations for SEO success, then drop us a line! SEO copywriting skills aside, we’re dab hands at developing wider site content, e-commerce product pages – the works.


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