Quoc SEO Copywriting Case Study




For Shoe Brand Quoc, Copywriting Makes a Big SEO Impact

In the world of cycling, Quoc is renowned for producing effortlessly stylish, on point road and city cycling shoes. Sold via a network of discerning dealers and increasingly, direct to the customer via the Quoc website, Quoc’s global community of users is a testament to the popularity of cycling itself.


With a compelling product offering and an impending website relaunch, the team at Quoc recognised that their current site copy and SEO structure did not meet the impeccable standards set by their footwear, and soon, the revamped Quoc site design. 

After a Skype call to meet the team, Quoc and Where Beagles Dare! agreed upon a package of SEO Copywriting services, a delivery timeline and a working method that took into account different time zones.


Where Beagles Dare! set to work understanding and analysing the Quoc brand – its past, market position, demographic and differentiators. Newfound knowledge in hand, we began crafting an SEO copywriting programme that would attract a high proportion of traffic for a raft of relevant, well-researched keywords.

With the SEO organisation and strategy in place, it followed that our next task was to craft a tone of voice and roll out this now augmented brand identity across product, category, collection, static pages and transactional email templates.


Working on the Quoc brand was heaps of fun! As a handsome introduction to the world of handcrafted cycling footwear it could not be faulted, and, as a demonstration of the results that are achievable with an organised approach to SEO copywriting, it could not be bettered.

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increase in search visibility
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keywords rank significantly higher

* Data gathered 6 months after starting the SEO campaign. Analytics powered by Moz.com


If you’re looking to take your site content up a notch, develop a consistent tone of voice, or perhaps lay the foundations for SEO success, then drop us a line! SEO copywriting skills aside, we’re dab hands at developing wider site content, e-commerce product pages – the works.


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