We live in a golden age of possibility for direct to consumer business. It’s never been easier to be seen and to sell to customers in all four corners of the globe. Even large, lumbering players are trying to reposition. And when that doesn’t work, they’re gobbling up direct to consumer competitors in a desperate bid to keep themselves fresh and relevant (if indeed, they ever were).

The challenge then, in a market at once more accessible and more crowded than ever, is to be heard. And one of the ways to do that is with compelling e-commerce landing pages.

The Boring Truth

If you’re interested in e-commerce, you probably already know what a landing page is. But if not, we’ll make it simple: a landing page provides information about your product offering, service or company. Its goal is to turn a visitor into a customer, either now, or in the future. A landing page should be fundamentally enjoyable to consume – like a magazine – visually engaging and concise. It’s not a category page, nor is it a product page; it’s a blend of the best of both, in editorial form.

And almost every landing page you’ve ever seen is doing it wrong.

Most e-commerce leaders tick boxes, bolt things together, and press publish, with neither strategy, SEO, design or copy in mind. And then they get surprised when the page fails to convert. The blame, of course, lies with the low barrier to entry – if, unlike print media, it costs nothing to publish a web page, why bother making it great?

Be Better, Be Different

In a market overflowing with mediocrity, there is a clear opportunity for any brand that values creativity to elevate themselves above their competitors and capture market share.

If you approach the concept of e-commerce landing pages with a quality-first mentality, a strategy and a willingness to invest in content, you will likely succeed. And if not, at least you can go to sleep at night knowing you gave yourself every chance of success and didn’t contribute to the bland nothingness that is the modern shopping landscape.

So what does landing page success look like?


Before executing – actually creating – you need to have thought through how the page will serve your broader marketing strategy. If the landing page only exists in isolation as a pretty outlier, its benefit will be dampened, if not negated.

Once you’ve understood how the page will support your goals, you can begin to tailor the content towards the traffic it is designed to receive. Will the page be a destination for a paid social campaign? A footer-linked evergreen page? Or perhaps a welcome mat for remarketed customers?


First, you’ll need incredible original images. If you don’t have them, hire a photographer and make sure you have a plan in mind. With tools like Linked In, it’s never been easier to find a talented photographer in your area, whether still-life or lifestyle.

Beautiful video is no longer a nice to have – it’s 2020. In our experience, it’s rare for a photographer to double as a videographer, so unless a showreel convinces you, hire the best you can afford. No generalists allowed.

Find a talented e-commerce copywriter (or hire us). Well-crafted copy is still the core of any page, even in the age of video. Just make sure the words fit within your existing tone of voice (strategy, again) otherwise, your new page risks redefining your brand voice.


Arguably, page design considerations come first – before content. But if you have a site, we’re going to assume that you already have an established design language and that any new landing pages will inherit that same style. However, if you find yourself hacking a page to fit the content, stop right there. It’s always better to have your designer review any new page requirements to ensure harmony across the site. Then, your developer should build a new template for you. Any other workflow will lead to wasted time, inconsistent design and poor user experience.


As kids, we’re told to think before we speak. On the internet, perhaps we should remember to think before we create. And when the thinking is done, to create exceptional work, with the best tools and talent we can afford.


If you’re looking to develop landing pages for your e-commerce store, drop us a line. We’re experts at creating copy that converts, reflects your brand voice and aligns with your SEO goals.