Cross-Border Copywriting for English-Speaking Markets

If you’ve got a great product and plan to export it to the world, but struggle to communicate with English-speaking customers, then our cross-border copywriting services could be just what you need.

From Instagram posts to printed communications, accurately delivering your message & rendering on-brand tone is essential if you want to grow outside of your domestic market.

If you’re a bag maker in Bologna or a textile company in Tokyo, we can take the worry out of entering an English-speaking market, and step in to rewrite, edit or oversee your company’s communications across sales channels and social platforms. With a clear brand message and a consistent tone, you’ll be free to spend time growing sales in your new territories, and not worrying about avoidable errors.

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The Where Beagles Dare!

Cross-Border Copywriting Process


Get in touch with your requirements and we’ll get straight back to you with some follow-up questions. Ideally, we’d jump on a call to better understand your business. Once we’ve got all of the information, we can provide a quote for one-off or ongoing monthly services.


If your project is a one-off job, we’ll start writing straight away. But if you need ongoing help, we’ll assign a regular amount of time based on your budget, and begin working on your content as and when you need it.


We’ll deliver your one-off project on time and within budget. For ongoing work, delivery will reflect your marketing goals and take place at multiple times within the month.

Where Beagles Dare! Cross-border Copywriting Services

Social Media Posts

Maintaining your brand’s image on social media is like holding sand in a sieve: it’s all too easy to let a grain fall through and lose valuable equity through a misspelt word or grammatical error.

Our social media package is a rolling monthly service that exists to rewrite your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter posts for English-speaking markets. Think of us as your always available assistant: send us your content as you would normally write it in English, and we’ll make it publish-ready by return.

Email Marketing

If your business sells online, you’ll probably already know that email marketing offers the highest return on investment of any sales channel. But just like social media posts, if email content is poorly written, the only thing it’s doing is damaging your brand and adding to those unsubscribes.

From transactional messages to email newsletters, our email marketing package takes your existing English content and rewrites it to maximise impact. Expect on-brand communication and improved email metrics from day one.

Product Writing

You’ve spent years creating a beautiful product, but while sales are good at home, communicating with your English-speaking customers is proving difficult.

You shouldn’t have to be an expert in English to sell outside of your domestic market, so while you create the product, let us take care of the words, easing your export worries and ensuring accuracy at every turn.


We’ve seen enough straplines written by non-English-speaking companies to know that an online translator is usually a brand’s first port of call when entering new markets, and the results are often unintelligible.

Great slogans change behaviours and grow sales; they’re hard to write but incredibly easy to corrupt. If you’d like to render your strapline into English, Where Beagles Dare! can help to correctly transpose the meaning into English, retaining the original intention and desired emotional response.

Kickstarter Campaigns

It’s the big kahuna of funding platforms and the site of choice for millions of startup brands looking to realise their dreams of putting their prototypes into production, but to maximise Kickstarter impact, nailing your presentation with benefit-focused, conversion-maximising copy is essential.

If your brand is looking to enter English-speaking markets with a funding campaign, Where Beagles Dare! can help to turn your loosely arranged words and unoptimised sentences into pledge-worthy copy that sells.

Website Copy

Your company website is the first place interested consumers will look to seek answers to their questions or learn more about your services. But despite beautiful photography and desirable products, if your writing is difficult to understand, muddled, or worse, unintentionally funny, then all of your hard work will have been wasted.

Your brand deserves care and attention at home and away, and Where Beagles Dare! is experienced at clarifying your message, communicating brand values and product attributes in equal measure.

Why hire us?

With over nine years of retail experience in a fiercely competitive market, Where Beagles Dare! is uniquely positioned to know what you need from a copywriting partner. Writing is in our DNA; it’s the reason we generated over 70% of our daily visits from organic sources and captured the market in our previous life as e-commerce retailers.

If you’re searching for a cross-border copywriter to help your brand communicate with customers in English-speaking markets, Where Beagles Dare! can help.

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