Beginnings are important. They set the tone and start the story. A story that matters because what you create means something. It’s not just a product. It’s your life. At Where Beagles Dare!, we tell that story. From words to websites and all the communication in between, we exist to help great brands connect with their community.

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Before we were Beagles, our founder Peter Harrington went on a ten-year journey growing a direct-to-consumer ecommerce brand from scratch. From 2008 to successfully exiting years later, he learned a lot about what growing businesses need to succeed. So when Pete started Where Beagles Dare!, he knew it had to be a welcoming space for brands that needed generalists and specialists. Swiss army knives and sharpened pens. So that’s what we offer: a suite of creative digital services all small businesses need to grow, from hot copy to creamy smooth sites, whether you’re starting out or strategising the next steps.

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